with Altruistic Current, July-August, 2020

Part of Altruistic Current's (a not-for-profit kindness generating society) application to Downtown Halifax Business Commission (DHBC)'s  Gritty to Pretty Beautification grants was to create a mural and a buzz around ways to "bee kind" to bees. While the original plan was to have another large community paint day like the Penny Lane HFX mural in 2019 had, COVID-19 threw a wrench into the works. 

As we altered our plans to keep safe, we kept to many of our core Muraleer's (Altruistic Current's mural-painting branch): we held a smaller community paint day, with safety equipment and distancing, we hired and and paid local professional artists to paint their stylistic touches on top of the mural base, and we facilitated a workshop that taught how to make planatable seed paper (which was later passed out at HRM's Re-Open the City 2020 festival). 

For my part as the Muraleer's director, I created the initial design, created the proposal, facilitated the paper-making workshop, oversaw the community paint day and assisted the muralists.