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I create courses that focus on fostering an atmosphere of exploration, fun, and classic art school skills. In crafting my own classes, I create exercises that pair creative subjects with primarily drawing lessons, geared for beginners. 
Besides honing drawing skills, my experience lies in teaching watercolours, bookbinding, sewing, printmaking and ceramics.


From furry and small to scaly and tall, learn to draw the wide world of animals! This class focuses on how to hone your drawing skills as you study the appearance and structure of a variety of animals. Participants can expect to experiment with charcoal, watercolour, conte and ink. We'll cover the topics of accurate drawing, colour, light, and texture as we work from photographs, projections, imagination and more. The course ends with a sketchbook adventure to the Museum of Natural History. Beginner to intermediate skills are welcome!

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Dig deep for monsters! This eight week mixed-media art course ties together classic monster lore, artistic movements throughout history, and lessons into art mediums such as acrylic painting, ceramics, drawing and printmaking. Aimed for beginners and the intermediate artist who is looking to test more methods of working in art, this course will introduce you to new mediums while strengthening your core concepts in drawing. Each class includes time for a short lecture, a short lesson, and time to experiment. Topics covered will include life drawing, hand-building, painting methods, colour theory, composition and more.

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This class is to designed to make you comfortable with sketchbook journaling and all it entails: working in public, indoors and out, working from senses, memories, observation and reflection. You will learn practical skills in drawing, working with different medias, and in different ways of mark-making but this is also a class of testing your boundaries and working with other senses, while embracing mistakes and imperfections as part of the process. This is a class for learning but also to have fun! Please come on time to class, or keep me posted if you are going to be running late, as we will be on the move most days.
Come prepared with your basic materials, and dress according to the weather. In cases of rain or extreme conditions where we would have been outside, back-up plans will be made.

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Look to the skies! Learn how to broaden your artistic skills by looking to the wide range of scenery provided by our sky. Part science lecture, part drawing practice and part watercolour lessons, this course will teach you about drawing and painting with lessons in composition, perspective, classic and experimental watercolour techniques. We’ll work from still lives, projections and photographs on tornadoes, rainbows and clouds; the final class will be a field trip to paint plein air. Beginners to intermediate artists are welcome!

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In teachings all ages of youth, I create courses that focus on fostering an atmosphere of exploration, enjoyment, and classic art school skills. Depending on the age and ability, drawing, painting, sculpture, book-making, cartooning, sewing, embroidery, ceramics (throwing and hand-building), printmaking and  illustration are all methods of working that can be addressed.

(AGES 5-8)

Travel the world-wonders from within your classroom! For ages 5-8, we'll explore in the course of a weeks what marvels there are to see and learn about out there. From Egyptian sphinxes to Canadian giant roadside objects, from South American rainbow trees to travelling in our customized air-balloons, students will paint, draw, sculpt and build their way through our world's wonders.


(AGES 15-18)

Illustrate the day away as we draw-literally- from our life and imagination! Backed with some classic art school lessons, we'll dabble in the styles and trends of the illustrated world as we make zines, portraits, cartoons and more! Bring your ideas to illustrated reality!

Part of "Art 101", a sampler class of different artistic disciplines.



Delve into the world of the fantastical! In this camp, we'll learn the stories behind Greek myths, medieval knights, superheroes, fables, video games, and everything in between. Paint, draw, and craft your way through map-making, comic crafting, and more as you create your own world of characters and their stories. The biggest question is: will you make a hero or a villain?

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(AGES 12-18)

Amp up your drawing abilities by pairing classic art school lessons with practical illustration skills! This class is for teens who want to dabble into the world of illustration by practicing real-life job prospects. Learn perspective, colour theory and composition side by side with stylization, exaggeration, and imagination. Projects range from self-portraits to logo design, cartooning to character design; we’ll work with traditional illustration media as well as medium testing to capture those ideas. We’ll also bring attention to artists working within the community as examples as well as other Canadian talent.

2014-10-29 20.15.20.jpg

(AGES 9-11)

Dredge up what's under you bed and bring it to class! This inventive week-long art course is designed to encourage your creativity in new ways though the methods of monster-making! Looking to ancient myths & legends and present-day inventions , we'll paint, draw, and sculpt in our quests for monsters.


(AGES 5-8)

Discover the world of art making through exploration and experimentation with a variety of materials and organized activities. Basic skills in drawing, painting, and sculpture will be considered. Imagination, self-confidence and individual style are encouraged. Projects include Make Your Own Dinosaur, Flappy Birds, Animal Blocks and more!

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(AGES 5-8)

Welcome one and all to our week-long jungle adventures! Build your tree-house, explore artistic cave paintings, and discover the colourful flora and fauna to be made in our jungle-based activities!

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