with Altruistic Current, July 27th, 2019

As part of our Penny Lane HFX mural submission through the Downtown Halifax Business Commissions (DHBC)'s Gritty to Pretty Beautification grants, we allotted for an all ages community mural painting day. Folks of all ages and abilities were invited to help us fill in the background to our proposed mural, on which four local professional artists added their stylistic touches. 
In between the Community Paint Day and when the four muralists had started their work, someone vandalized the whole wall. Thanks to an extended timeline by the DHBC and extra work on the part of myself and the muralists, we were fix it in time to unveil during The Art of City Building 2019 interatinoal converence.    

Over 60 people came by, of all ages and from all over. The event was covered by Stephen Cooke of the Chronicle Herald.

In addition to helping facilitate the event, I also scraped, primed, and sketched out the design for the wall.