Whether it's in the process of creation or the result of what's produced, a lot of contemporary artistic practice creates waste. In an effort to be more thoughtful of my impact to others and to the environment around me, this page details efforts to DO GOOD: be it through fundraising, waste reduction, tree-planting or reduced commercial production.

This page will be constantly changing as I work on ways to have art make a difference. If you'd like to ask about anything or be a part of these initiatives, feel free to write me at  

Yearly in April

Every year for the month of April, I run a fundraiser where a portion of every order placed of a Custom Pet Portrait gets donated to a rotating roster of local pet shelters. 
Because this call-to-action galvanizes people and comes before Mother's Day and Father's Day, orders are high in numbers and donation totals have been anywhere from $100-$350.

Partnered in the past with:
Bide Awhile

Hope for Wildlife
Atlantic Wildlife Institute

Saving Grace Animal Farm



Currently in development, I'm creating a series of workshops that give a strong focus in how to do good, teach environmental initiatives, and impart varied art-making techniques (painting, sewing, paper-making, sculpture, drawing, illustration, etc.)

Stay tuned for more announcements!

Current workshops include:
Rag Time
Recreating Crayons
Seed Paper

Yearly in October

For one month in the year, I offer two branches of fundraising to support Fly With Me Animal Rescue, who rescue dogs from across the world and help them find their forever homes. For whatever you'd like to help with, I'm offering Mystery Postcard Packs or Custom Pet Portrait both of which will have a portion going towards Fly With Me. 

To date, $335 has been raised in this initiative so far.

Yearly in the Fall 

For two weeks in the fall, any Cursive Pin purchased direct from me will have 60% to go a humanist organization. Be it a woman's shelter, equalizing period poverty, helping to buy toys for kids or for helping seniors and veterans, there's always someone out there that can use some help.

Started in 2020, In the end, $400 was raised for.  Out of the Cold Halifax shelter, Calgary Drop-In shelter, WIRES Wildlife Animal Rescue, Adsum Women & Children's shelter, Tree Canada, and RAICES Texas. 


Yearly Project in the Summer

 Muraleers is a branch of Altruistic Current, a not-for-profit society. By removing barriers in place for many people to accomplish art projects (access to materials, funds, or experience), Muraleers supply community-orientated projects to encourage that art is for everyone!

As a member of the Altruistic Current Board of Members, I'm project lead on generating these opportunities for community members. Get in touch if there's funding or a project you want to accomplish!

Past murals:
Penny Lane HFX, Halifax
Bee Kind, Halifax


Select orders from Custom Pet Portraits are reprinted as two-sided , full-colour postcards on 100% recycled matte cardstock. Each postcard costs $3, with a third going to me, a third to the shop that stocks it, and a third to a local animal shelter. An easy and effective fundraiser to help furry friends in your community. 

Shops who are interested in carrying these can contact me, and I'll get them started with a custom-made display. 

Carried at:

Trainyard General Store



Recognizing that 2020 has been a weird year for everyone (and is only going to continue for the next while), I'm partnering with conscientious businesses and organizations with pet posters. For anyone who says what location they saw a poster in when they place a custom pet portrait, a portion of that order will go to support that business (or they pay it forward to an animal charity). It's an odd venture, but then it's been an odd year. And every little bit helps. 

Carried at:

Trainyard General Store

Cafe Lara



Selected from my Music Bird paintings, these 5''x 7'' inkjet prints are on Forest Sustainability Certified (FSC) textured  linen paper, and one-third of each print sold goes to  Tree Canada, which has many  reforestation programs across the country. 

The purchase of one print equals one tree being planted in Canada. 

Carried at:
Argyle Fine Art