80s inspired dot-patterned cotton fabric (a fabric that used to upholster my grandmother's computer chair!), magenta and blush pink coloured cotton thread, canvas fabric and barpin.  
2"x  2''

Shit Pin: Magenta and Blush: Grandma's Computer Chair

  • For the days when you need a little swear! Making use of the double entendre of "curse", these curse words in cursive writing are made with cotton embroidery thread and patterned cotton fabric on the front, with a silver bar-pin clasp and canvas backing on the backside. A circular board is sandwiched inside, to help with rigidity and to stand up to Canadian weather.
    With a wide range of colours and patterns available, every pin is truly one-of-a-kind.They measure 2'' by 2'' in width and height, and 0.5'' in depth.

  • Cursive pins ship as a 5''x 3.5'' package.   
    Shipping within Canada: $2
    Shipping outside Canada: $5