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Feb 2021

In early 2021, I was given the chance to help in the branding of a wonderful, community-minded boutique in Dartmouth. Trainyard General Store offers a selection of curated crafts, gifts, art and more from local artisians, but they also actively fundraise and give a voice to community members in their area in need of help (food banks, animal shelters, youth art centres, out of the cold shelters and so much more). 
As such caring people, they wanted some artwork to brand with and reflect their values: ultimately that everyone is worthy of love. And that you may not feel it all the time, but YOU ARE LOVED.

My work for them included over 50 designs with 4 final images chosen that will adorn stickers, totes, walls, socks, and be used to remind people that no matter what, they are loved. 

Trainyard General Store 

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