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Client: Halifax Regional Municipality

Project Design/ Facilitation/ Illustration

Collaborative mural made possible by Altruistic Current

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As part of their "Muraleers" program, not-for-profit group Altruistic Current (Alt-C) design and applies for grants to creative collaborative murals made by the community. As the Artistic Director for Alt-C, I develop the design, assist in the grant-writing, and facilitate the behind-the-scenes work for all their murals. 

With the Artillery Placemaking grant from Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM), we hired seven local artists in putting their stylistic "icing on the cake " touches for this mural, revolving around the idea of rabbits and hares. Vibrant, electric, and encouraging pedestrians to "slow down", as per HRM's want.

My work in this was to create the design, assist in the grant-writing, clean and prepare the site, paint the background, hire and assist the local artists, and to help fill in the mural with some of my own rabbits. 

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