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with Altruistic Current, May-June 2022

Thanks to a grant from the Halifax Regional Municipality, Altruistic Current was awarded the HRM Artillery grant  & bid to create an eye-catching, colourful composition that would "encourage pedestrians to slow down and enjoy the scenery." With that mind, we proposed the "What's the Hare-y" mural.  Making use of 7 hired Professional Artist, Alt-C members cleaned, prepped, and painted the entire background. Insurance in this instance would not cover for a Community Paint Day. Making use of moonmist-ice cream inspired colours, we created a swirling pattern of bright colours and 17 different stylized rabbits. This mural received the most positive feedback of any project, and was the feature of several news stories and social media posts.

As Project Lead, I helped to prepare and paint the site, facilitated artists, and created the initial mural design

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