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Like an overwatered succulent, I've grown in wild and interesting ways! Trained as a visual artist, I've dove into many creative endeavours, bringing vibrancy and humour to everything I do!

Some things of interest!:

I'm multi-faceted! No matter the project, I'm put my mind to carrying it through to your final creative vision. Whatever you're dreaming, connect with me and let's make it happen!


What the heck does that mean? 

I've collected a lot of abilities over the years (if someone were to compare it to a  certain TV show, you could say I'm catching them all...), so I can illustrate as well as design, I can teach, lead, host AND be a hypeman! I can do printmaking, ceramics, embroidery, painting and bookmaking (but baking is still outside my forte). 

The crossroads of interdisciplinary projects is where I thrive! Almost as if I wear many
different hats!
 If your
 project requires:


  • book illustration

  • package design

  • layout work (theatre, comics or animation)

  • goofy branding

  • bright infographics

  • portraiture (realistic or stylized)

  • branding

  • copywriting

  • pop-up events or placemaking

  • article illustrations

  • project management

  • artistic, hand-on events

  • pattern design

  • murals

  • fashion design

  • fundraising

  • or more?

I can help!



With an eye for the odd, Amber Solberg is an illustrator, artist, craftsperson & instructor. Hailing from the prairies, she headed east to the ocean and now splits her time between Alberta and Nova Scotia. 

Since receiving a Visual Arts Diploma from Red Deer College (AB) and an Interdispiclinary BFA from NSCAD University (NS),  she's evolved her practice to revolve around nature, conscious creation and storytelling. That, and that humour is her jam (although not what she'd want on toast). 

With watercolours, ink, and embroidery thread, she makes work that spans from the technical to the expressive, all with an underlying creativity. To do good is a large part of her work, whether it's creating opportunities to encourage others or to fundraise for various organizations. The classes she teaches give voice to her various interests: from monsters to atmosphere, from world marvels to making stories. When she's not making art, she works as the Art Director for NFP kindness society, Altruistic Current. 

Photo by Lyndsay Greenwood Photography,
image design by Paige Sawler


Connect with me about your projects, plans, and ideas!

Thanks for submitting!

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