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With an eye for the odd, Amber Solberg is an illustrator, artist, craftsperson & instructor. Hailing from the prairies, she headed east to the ocean and now splits her time between Alberta and Nova Scotia. 

Since receiving a Visual Arts Diploma from Red Deer College (AB) and an Interdispiclinary BFA from NSCAD University (NS),  she's evolved her practice to revolve around nature, conscious creation and storytelling. That, and that humour is her jam (although not what she'd want on toast). 

With watercolours, ink, and embroidery thread, she makes work that spans from the technical to the expressive, all with an underlying creativity. To do good is a large part of her work, whether it's creating opportunities to encourage others or to fundraise for various organizations. The classes she teaches give voice to her various interests: from monsters to atmosphere, from world marvels to making stories. When she's not making art, she works as the Art Director for NFP kindness society, Altruistic Current.

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  • 2013    NSCAD University, Bachelor of Fine Art, Interdisciplinary degree              Halifax, NS

  • 2009  Red Deer College, Visual Art Diploma                                                               Red Deer, AB


  • 2022  Color for Design and Art, Jim Krause                                                                     LinkedIn Learning

  • 2021   Teaching Online to Kids with Carly Mulally, Visual Arts NS                               Online

  • 2021   Sustainability in our Communities, University of Nebraska                                Coursera

  • 2021   Indigenous Canada, University of Alberta                                                              Coursera

  • 2020  How to Teach Online with Charley Young, Visual Arts Nova Scotia                Online

  • 2018   Hand-Lettering with Kristen de Palma, NSCAD Extended Studies                Halifax, NS

  • 2017    Screenprinting with Maria Doering, NSCAD Extended Studies                      Halifax, NS


  • 2016   Birds of Nova Scotia, The Nook on Gottigen Cafe                                          Halifax, NS

  • 2015   Birds of Central Alberta, Ellis Bird Farm                                                            Lacombe, AB

  • 2014   Wandering: Experiences/Anxieties of a Recent Grad, Microgallery             Halifax, NS

  • 2012   We Make Our Own Myths, Anna Leonowens Gallery                                    Halifax, NS

  • 2011    Art In the Yard, Bentley Community Square                                                    Bentley, AB


  • 2019    Nocturne Art At Night: Penny Lane HFX Mural                                            Halifax, NS

  • 2019    Nocturne Art At Night: Heroes & Villains , Argyle Gallery                           Halifax, NS

  • 2018    Put a Bird On It, Dart Gallery                                                                             Dartmouth, NS

  • 2018    Hygge, Argyle Fine Art                                                                                         Halifax, NS

  • 2017    10th Annual Art Under $100, Art Spot                                                             Calgary, AB

  • 2017    Rørpost, The Discovery Centre                                                                           Halifax, NS

  • 2016    Pre-Shrunk 2016, Argyle Fine Art Gallery                                                       Halifax, NS

  • 2015    David Suzuki, Hot Art Wet City Gallery                                                            Vancouver, BC

  • 2015    Silver and Gold, Eyelevel Gallery                                                                         Halifax, NS

  • 2014    Nightshift, Nocturne Art at Night                                                                      Halifax, NS

  • 2013     Silver and Gold, Eyelevel Gallery                                                                        Halifax, NS

  • 2013     Nightshift, Nocturne Art at Night                                                                     Halifax, NS

  • 2013     NSCAD Grad Exhibit, Anna Leonowens Gallery                                            Halifax, NS

  • 2013     Khyber CXXV, The Khyber Centre for the Arts                                              Halifax, NS

  • 2012     Final Vinyl, Craig Gallery                                                                                      Halifax, NS

  • 2012     Book-Art Exhibition, Blue Heron Books                                                           Uxbridge, ON

  • 2012     Pre-Shrunk 2012 , Argyle Fine Art Gallery                                                      Halifax, NS


  •  2022  Infographic design for YMCA Calgary                                                                  Calgary, AB

  • 2022   App icon design for Ingram & Sons Cannabis                                                   Van Kleek, ON

  • 2022   Book illustrator for The Girl in the Clouds                                                          Halifax, NS

  • 2022   Sock pattern designer for Sock Rocket                                                               Calgary, AB

  • 2022   Product design for New Flower Coffee                                                              Toronto, ON

  • 2021   Illustrator for Edmentum event pitch presentation                                           Las Vegas, US

  • 2021   Illustrator for ScienceUpFirst                                                                                Sudbury, ON

  • 2021   Illustrator for email campaign for Fly With Me Animal Rescue                       Halifax, NS

  • 2021   Graphics designer for "You Are Loved" campaign for Trainyard                      Dartmouth, NS

  • 2020  Sock pattern designer for Sock Rocket                                                               Calgary, AB

  • 2020  Illustrator for postcard safety campaign by Ross Creek Centre                     Canning, NS

  • 2020  Set designer for The Drowning Girls, by Ignition Theatre                                 Red Deer, AB

  • 2020  Logo designer for Birchside Psychological Services                                          Bedford, NS

  • 2019    Illustrator for Surviving Parenthood book by Dr. Ayala Gorodzinsky             Halifax, NS

  • 2019    Poster design for The Screaming Females, Sled Island Music Festival          Calgary, AB

  • 2018    Illustrator for The Healing Compass book by Angie Schickerowski                Benalto, AB

  • 2017    Icon design for blogsite,  Scale Quail                                                                    Halifax, NS

  • 2017    Meatballs illustrated comic review article, The Coast newspaper                    Halifax, NS 

  • 2017    Logo rebranding for the Cross-Eyed Giraffe cafe                                             Bentley, AB

  • 2016    Illustration of You Matter by Lisa Desgagne, a self-care book                        Calgary, AB

  • 2015    Poster illustration for the Festival D'Homme Orchestre                                 Montreal, QC 

  • 2015    Article illustrator for Discorder magazine                                                            Vancouver, BC


  • 2022  Project lead for What's Your Hare-y mural                                                            Halifax, NS

  • 2021   Art consultant for A Spark of Creativity at Trainyard, Nocturne Halifax           Dartmouth, NS

  • 2020  Project lead for Bee Kind mural and seed-paper activity                                     Halifax, NS 

  • 2019   Project manager for Penny Lane HFX mural                                                         Halifax, NS

  • 2018   Live painter at the Corona Sunset Party (country-wide)                                    Halifax, NS 

  • 2018   Live painter for Dart Nights at The Dart Gallery                                                   Dartmouth, NS

  • 2016-2020   Program Assistant with NSCAD Extended Studies                                Halifax, NS 

  • 2016-2019   Youth Program Coordinator with NSCAD Extended Studies                Halifax, NS

  • 2015    On-site portraitist at the Leaf Cafe, part of LightNight Art Festival                Liverpool, UK

  • 2012     Manager of the Seeds Gallery Waterfront Kiosk                                                 Halifax, NS



  • 2021    Immersed in Illustration class with NSCAD Extended Studies                         Online

  • 2020   DIY Block-Printing with Altruistic Current's ArtVentures                                Carstairs, AB 

  • 2020   DIY Donuts with Altruistic Current's ArtVentures                                             Penhold, AB 

  • 2020   Welcome Housing Art Party with Argyle Fine Art                                              Halifax, NS

  • 2019     DIY Giftwrap with Argyle Fine Art                                                                        Halifax, NS

  • 2019     Mini-Monos with Argyle Fine Art                                                                         Halifax, NS

  • 2017     Welcome to Watercolours workshop with Halifax Central Library                  Halifax, NS

  • 2017     Workshop host for  Downtown Dartmouth's Community Art Day                 Dartmouth, NS

  • 2017     About Face! workshop with Halifax Trade School                                               Halifax, NS

  • 2017    Drawing workshop for the Lacombe Art Guild Society                                       Lacombe, AB

  • 2016    Drawing workshop instructor for Alberta Art & Drafting Supplies                    Red Deer, AB

  • 2016    Animal Anatomy drawing class with NSCAD Extended Studies                       Halifax, NS

  • 2016    Heroes and Villians March Break camp at NSCAD Extended Studies            Halifax, NS

  • 2015     Bookbinding for Beginners workshop at Cow & Co. Cafe                                 Liverpool, UK

  • 2015     Still Life Drawing workshop at Cafe Edinburgh                                                    Edinburgh, UK

  • 2015     Bookbinding for Beginners workshop at Edinburgh Trade School                    Edinburgh, UK

  • 2015     About Face! workshop at Edinburgh Trade School                                             Edinburgh, UK

  • 2014    Sketchbook Adventures class with NSCAD Extended Studies                        Halifax, NS

  • 2014    Monsterous Art drawing class with NSCAD Extended Studies                        Halifax, NS

  • 2014    Watercolour Weather painting class with NSCAD Extended Studies             Halifax, NS

  • 2014    Illustration, Zines & Books with NSCAD Extended Studies                              Halifax, NS

  • 2013    Animal Anatomy drawing class with NSCAD Extended Studies                       Halifax, NS

  • 2013    Around the World summer camp with NSCAD Extended Studies                  Halifax, NS

  • 2013     Welcome to the Jungle summer camp with NSCAD Extended Studies        Halifax, NS


  • 2018    MTC Subsidized Studio Space with Visual Arts Nova Scotia                                  Halifax, NS 


  • 2022   HRM Artillery Mural grant, Halifax Regional Municipality

  • 2020   Gritty to Pretty Mural Grant, Downtown Halifax Business Commission

  • 2019    Gritty to Pretty Mural Grant, Downtown Halifax Business Commission

  • 2014    Behance Portfolio Award, E3C Halifax

  • 2012    Alex and Christie Hunt Award, NSCAD University

  • 2009   Campus Management Green Scholarship, Red Deer College

  • 2009   Norma E. McNamara Scholarship, Red Deer College

  • 2008   Jason Lang Memorial Scholarship, Red Deer College

  • 2005   Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, Red Deer College

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