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Can't commit to a class? I offer many sessions of art-practice and education ensconced in short  lessons, available for a few hours to a whole day. Often customized to fit requests, I can teach drawing, painting, crafting, printmaking as well as beginner hand-building or throwing ceramics and embroidery.


06 About Face.jpg

Join us as we learn how to hone drawing skills by practicing portraits! Learn some tips and tricks in the placement of facial features as well as learning more about line weight, mark-making, measuring and making multiple passes through sketches. We'll work for two hours studying the symmetry and variations of the human face.

still life class 02 011616 Ashli.jpg

Break down the basics of drawing! In this workshop, all beginners are welcome as we cover some simple step to help your drawing skills. By studying from 3D forms and still lifes, we'll learn how to measure & map, defining form and volume, and give an overview of perspective. 

2016-08-04 16.33.32.jpg

Ever thought to yourself, “I could draw better than that” ? In this all-ages event, you'll harness the power of community to make a limited edition, one-of-a-kind colouring book! Every skill level is welcome, and with guidance, you'll help to contribute to a unique, community-made colouring book that many folks can enjoy. 


Doughnut mass 01.jpg

Make artwork that looks good enough to eat!  Learn the steps to make you own colourful donut creation. Using repurposed surfaces and acrylic paint, folks will experiment with brushstrokes, testing colour relationships, and mark-making. Your imagination is unlimited as you discover the joy in making multiples—just don't eat 'em!  

Waterfall Watercolour (2).jpg

Explore the many forms of this fluid art medium, why it works the way it does and how to test those capabilities in creative ways! In the space of 3 hours, we'll cover: the additive and reductive possibilities, colour mixing and relationships, and the experimental sides of watercolour and medium mixing.  

2020-08-26 14.57.39.jpg

Paint plein air by playing with air! In this workshop, participants will learn about the different cloud types we see, what layer in the sky they're at, and are paired with lessons in how to use our paintbrush to achieve fluffy to wispy looks.


2016-04-28 16.30.32.jpg

Take to the skies...on paper, at least!  In this workshop, you'll use paper, patterning, string, and aerodynamics to make your own bird kite!

Suitable for children and adults. 

Hali Trade school 06.jpg

Learn, with a minimum of materials, how to bind your own books as we make pamphlet stitch and Japanese-style bindings. The basic materials will be supplied but if you have some papers, posters, or collage works you'd like to see recreated into something new, bring them on by!

2017-03-11 17.28.35.jpg

Beatify your bookshelf with a hand-made clamshell box! These elegant and eye-catching creations are custom built and traditionally made to protect fragile books from the elements. But they also work to protect photographs, cameras, documents, toys-any object with similar dimensions to a book!

2019-12-05 08.33.08.jpg

Time to cut a rug! Or even better, make one! This workshop will show you how give new life to old fabrics, by turning them into rag rugs. These coiled creations can come in all different sizes and colours, and once you get started, you'll be hooked! This workshop will require a lot of your hands and physicality.Be prepared to get limber and crafty!


Get your hands messy, all while doing good! In this activity, you'll learn how to make your own plantable seed paper. These biodegradable discs are made with local wildflower seeds so they will help grew food for bees as well as show us how to think about creative recycling. 

2019-12-07 13.59.02.jpg

Give new life to your art supplies! In this workshop, you'll learn how to recast old chalk, oil, and wax crayons into new art supplies. This workshop is just one of the DO GOOD line, a series of eco-conscious workshops in how to use art to reduce our impact in the world. 



Test your creativity as we make miniature monoprints! This unique method of printmaking encourages you to walk the line between drawing and painting as you use a variety of tools & techniques to make your one-of-a-kind print! All materials are provided, no experience necessary, and perfect for adults or children.

2019-12-02 15.14.56.jpg

Learn how simple making your own giftwrap is!  You'll learn how to make repeating patterns with linocuts and block ink. Made on brown kraft paper, all the paper is recyclable.

Suitable for children and adults. 


Designed to help embolden beginners, my classes are 100% made by me (which means they'll be silly, educational, and full of encouragement).
Offered at various locations around Canada and online, the best way to keep in touch with what's being offered is to check out UPCOMING EVENTS! 

2016-02-24 19.58.54.jpg


From mammals to birds, from under the sea to in our backyard, learn how to draw the wide world of animals! This class will focus on how to observe the structure of different animals through body anatomy, facial structure and texture (feather, fur, hide) through the capabilities of pencil, charcoal, watercolours, and oil pastels. We'll use photographs and projections, supplemented by viewing artists' animal sketches like Leonardo da Vinci, George Stubbs, and Walton Ford.

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Welcome to an insightful look into the world of illustration! This online class offers a keen overview into many aspects of illustration: historical examples from around the world, current-day specialized fields of illustration, and demos in the classic (and sometimes unconventional!) tools in an illustrator's toolkit. Although broad in scope, this class is by no means a definitive guide; just a keen insight into what makes the world of illustration so exciting! Open to all levels of skill, this class is geared more towards drawing beginners and illustrators who are just starting out.

My Sisters.jpg


Dig deep for monsters! This mixed-media art course ties together classic monster lore, artistic movements throughout history, and lessons into art mediums such as charcoal, graphite, and more. Aimed for beginners and the intermediate artist who is looking to test more creative methods, this course will introduce you to new mediums while strengthening your core concepts in drawing. Each class includes time for a short lecture, a short lesson, and time to experiment. Topics covered will include life drawing, hand-building, painting methods, colour theory, composition, and more. 

04 aurora borealiss.jpg


Look to the skies! Learn how to broaden your artistic skills by looking to the wide range of scenery provided by our sky. Part science lecture, part drawing practice and part watercolour lessons, this course will teach you about drawing and painting with lessons in composition, perspective, classic and experimental watercolour techniques. We’ll work from still lives, projections and photographs on tornadoes, rainbows and clouds; the final class will be a field trip to paint plein air. Beginners to intermediate artists are welcome!

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