Can't commit to a class? I offer many sessions of art-practice and education in  ensconced lessons, available for a few hours to a whole day. Often customized to fit requests, I can teach drawing, painting, watercolours, portraiture, book-making, ceramics, print-making, and embroidery.

Portraiture for Beginners

Join us as we learn how to hone drawing skills by practicing portraits! Learn some tips and tricks in the placement of facial features as well as learning more about line weight, mark-making, measuring and making multiple passes through sketches. We'll work for two hours studying the symmetry and variations of the human face. All supplies are provided, all levels welcome!


Learn, with a minimum of materials, how to bind your own books as we make pamphlet stitch and Japanese-style bindings. The basic materials will be supplied but if you have some papers, posters, or collage works you'd like to see recreated into something new, bring them on by!


Beatify your bookshelf with a hand-made clamshell box! These elegant and eye-catching creations are custom built and traditionally made to protect fragile books from the elements. But they also work to protect photographs, cameras, documents, toys-any object with similar dimensions to a book!Learn with a minimum of materials how to build your own custom clamshell box from start to finish. 


Learn, with a minimum of materials, how to bind your own books! This 4 part-workshop will cover how to make pamphlet stitch, Japanese-style bindings, an accordion book, and a hardcover notebook. The basic materials will be supplied but if you have some papers, posters, or collage works you'd like to see recreated into something new, bring them on by!


Break down the basics of drawing! In this two hour workshop, we'll learn some simple methods of how to better understand what you're drawing. By focusing on 3D objects, we'll learn how to better your drawing capabilities through perspective, contour concentration, and how to enhance your line drawings through pencil exploration. Participants are welcome to bring an object to work from, no bigger than a book please. All supplies provided, and all levels welcome!


Come in for some delicious (looking) donuts! Perfect for any age, everyone can learn how to paint their own funky sweet treat in this facilitated art event! Using acrylic paint, repurposed surfaces, and step-by-step instruction with room for experimentaiton. Available as a class, a private art party, or as a fundraiser, this small workshop is just right for everyone!


Embrace your travel experience by making your own postcard! Canadian artist Amber Solberg will guild you through this informal, informative art class. In an hour, learn how to improve your drawing skills by experimenting with pencils and watercolours as you work from the iconic landmarks of the city. Meet new people, make some memories, and walk away with your own special postcard of your trip!


Test your creativity as we make miniature monoprints! This unique method of printmaking encourages you to walk the line between drawing and painting as you use a variety of tools & techniques to make your one-of-a-kind print! All materials are provided, no experience necessary, and perfect for adults or children.


Study the art of the still life! Sharpen your drawing skills by learning about measuring, defining volumetric from, and mark-making though a variety of line and tone exercises. Students will work with pencils and charcoal as they work away on easels. All supplies are provided, and all experience levels welcome!


In this introduction to the wide world of watercolors, we'll explore the many forms of this fluid art medium, why it works the way it does and how to test those capabilities in creative ways! In the space of 3 hours, we'll cover: the additive and reductive possibilities, colour mixing and relationships, and the experimental sides of watercolour and medium mixing.  No prior art experience is necessary!